Magnesium Product

Magnesium is the lightest commercial metal. It is widely used in automobiles, IT-Mobile and assistive medical devices.
POSCO is leveraging its advanced technology and know-how it accumulated in the steel industry to produce the world's best magnesium ingots and sheets.

Types and Uses

Automotive parts

It is the lightest commercial metal (specific gravity 1.74). It is used in the interior and exterior of automobiles, e.g. the hood and roof of automobiles.

- AZ31B, E-form alloy series (AZX311, 211, etc.)

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Electronic parts

It is used to reduce the weight of electronic parts in IT/Mobile because of the excellent electromagnetic shielding and light weight of the magnesium alloy, and the E-form series alloy capable of cold molding is used most often.

- AZ31B, E-form alloy series (AZX311, 211, etc.), M1A

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Audio devices

Due to the excellent vibration damping of the magnesium alloy, it has a low distortion factor throughout the frequency band (low frequency - high frequency), stable negative pressure and high transmissibility. Thanks to these properties, it is used as a material for various diaphragms.

- AZ31B (thin plates under 0.2mmt)

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Medical devices

Magnesium is a human-friendly material. It is used in medical devices that directly contact the human body, e.g. knee braces, and X-ray DR that needs to be light-weight.

- AZ31B, AZX211

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