Changes in Affiliates (New Affiliate) Jun. 25, 2010

Changes in Affiliates (New Affiliate)

POSCO SS-VINA CO., LTD. is a new affiliate company of the POSCO Group. POSCO Specialty Steel Co., Ltd., an affiliate of POSCO, owns 100 percent of the total issued and outstanding shares of POSCO SS-VINA CO., LTD.

Company to be affiliated:

- Company Name: POSCO SS-VINA CO., LTD.

- Total Assets (KRW): 4,633,980,000

- Total Shareholders’ Equity (KRW): 4,633,980,000

- Total Liabilities (KRW): -

- Total Capital (KRW): 4,633,980,000

- Current total number of affiliated companies: 138

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